You demonstrated skill, competence and professionalism...

Hi Wes,
Thanks for your inquiry. I must say your sump basin fix got rid of the remaining effervescence problem. Thank you. Describing our experience with your services, I must say we are very happy we chose you for the job and we would recommend your services to all of our friends.

From our initial contact at the trade/reno show I had a good impression. While some other exhibitors were trying to flag down by-passers with flashy brochures and exhibited the “BRICK salesman” tactics, I did not sense any pressure from you. As we discussed the issue, you presented me with clear solution and a realistic overall estimate. (I do not like low estimates with significant hidden additional costs attached later). Our in-house estimate session was quick and to-the-point. At no time, once again, did I feel like you were trying to sell us something that we did not need. You were willing to accommodate my requests to take additional measures regarding dust in the house (as I suffer from severe allergies) despite the fact that these measures might have interfered with your work. That is what I call client first! Another aspect of your service that can’t be overlooked is the degree of attention to detail: protective tarps in the hallways and on the steps, the way you left your tools overnight, and how you set-put the walkway on the lawn to minimize damage to existing landscaping. We were very pleased how careful & mindful your staff were during the temporary removal and disassembly of the existing  structural features that would be obstacles to your work. When you were done, you not only cleaned-up, you also came back to put back together all the previously disassembled features. When heavy equipment is used, things may happen. You did not try to conceal any “collateral damage”. You fixed things promptly instead. Throughout the work we noticed you were fully in charge of the crew, we had no safety/security doubts when leaving the house for the day. We felt like we were always welcome to ask questions and inspect the progress of your work.  Last, but not least, you came back to check the results of your work two months after its completion.

In conclusion, you demonstrated skill, competence, and professionalism at every step of the project. To us, as customers/home owners, it’s encouraging to see that honest tradesmen like you are still out there.

I also allow you to use any or all parts of the “evaluation” paragraph above for your business reference testimonials if you wish to do so.

Thank you again! Robert and Celine

My husband and I couldn't have been happier...

I’m following up a conversation we had about the CrackMaster you hired for the restoration of our home. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier with Wes and his crew. They were completely professional, and respective of our place. I personally loved when they said they would be here on a certain day, they were here on that day, and we have NOOOOO water in our basement. Please pass on a high five for the hiring of this crew to whomever the powers that be, from a satisfied customer of the CrackMaster.


Thank you to you, Brad and your crew...

Hi Wes,

Thank you to you, Brad, and your crew for a job well done. Your crew was punctual, polite and courteous, we were happy with their work. We also appreciated your integrity. We didn’t think that we could find a contractor to do this quality of work for the price, but we did!

Luigi and Pierina

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone...

Hi Wes,

I just wanted to thank you for being so timely in fixing the cracks in our basement so the sale of our condo could go through. When we returned home it was all fixed and the mess cleaned up. Great job!

Thank you so much for going that extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has similar problems.

Pat B.

Thank you again for helping my family…

Anson and Mark came by to fix our vertical crack in St. Albert. My wife said she was very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy, and attitude of your technicians. She might ring you later today or tomorrow to tell you more.

Thank you again for helping my family out with this leaking crack. Your warranty gives us a lot of confidence, and the positive contractor experience your lads provided was exemplary.


Just a quick email to thank you for fixing my leaky basement

This is just a quick email to thank you for fixing my leaky basement. After the job was done, I tested your repairs extensively…as you recommended. After duplicating what I felt would be near flood like conditions, the cracks you repaired held the water back. I should also mention that I had to move some dirt from one of my walls recently and noticed your product had actually seeped through the crack to the outside wall – just as you said it would. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical when you first told me you could repair leaks from the inside – but no longer having seen the results with my own eyes. Once again, thanks for saving me from having to excavate around my house.

Larry M.

Hats off to your worker and your company…

Dear Wes,

This is just to give you some feedback on a job I recently had done at my house. I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your company and the services you provided. The worker that was sent to do the work, I believe his name was Anson, he arrived at the time that I was originally quoted that a worker would show up. He was very respectful, kind and professional with both his manners and work ethics. I appreciate that any questions I had he was more than willing to answer, explaining things very clearly and mentioned that if there were any others that he was happy to answer them and said he wanted to make sure that I knew what was going on. His workmanship was very good and he was clean when working with the products, not making a mess or damaging anything.

I work with different contractors and it is so nice to see ones that finally do things the way they should do them! I will definitely give your name to those looking for a contractor to fix concrete foundations, etc. Hats off to your worker and your company!!


It was a pleasure having you replace our foundation…

It was a pleasure having you replace our foundation. We appreciated your patience, punctuality and conscientiousness. Wes presented the job clearly and accurately and went above and beyond for us. Several tradespeople very impressed with the foundation interior (thanks Mike) and neighbors were amazed at how good the yard looked after you finished outside (thanks Brad and crew). Rachelle was very prompt and helpful to us when we needed her. All in all, a pleasant experience in a hellish situation!

All the best,
Lance & Isobel

We were made to feel comfortable right from the start…

Hi Rachelle,

I was just writing to say a big thank you for the job CrackMaster did on our property. We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that Wes and his crew maintained throughout the course of waterproofing our house. We were made to feel comfortable right from the start with the proposed work and the team were approachable when we had questions. The yard was left without a trace that CrackMaster had ever been there and we were amazed at how tidy and contained the crew kept everything. We are happy that we can now start the renovation in the basement with the confidence that there will be no more flooding!

Thank to all for making this experience one that was smooth, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CrackMaster Concrete to others.

Jane & Devon

LETY Construction installed an interior weeping tile system

Hi Rachelle,

We certainly were happy with the work and happy to give a recommendation…please feel free to use the following statement if you like:

When we started to experience water leakage into the basement of our 2-yr old home, LETY Construction stepped up to help solve the problem when our home builder passed blame and didn’t want to help us out.  Right from the start, we felt like we could trust LETY Construction, and they lived up to expectations.  LETY Construction installed an interior weeping tile system which eliminated our problems and allowed us to move on with finishing our basement with the peace of mind that we wouldn’t be dealing with water seepage anymore.  During the weeklong project, the workers were professional and courteous, took pride in their work, and left the work area exceptionally clean when the work was finished.  I would strongly recommend LETY Construction to anyone!

Sincerely, Mike DeVries

Thanks again for fixing the basement…

…there were many wet basements in Vegreville the last couple of months but ours was nice and dry. Thanks again for fixing the basement.