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Spring rain is here!

Apr 23, 2014

Spring is here and the forecast is calling for rain this week. It is important to take a few minutes around your house to ensure your basement stays dry. Make sure your downspouts are down and directed away from your foundation. Clean out any leaves and other debris that may have collected there over the winter so that the water can easily flow. If your sump pump discharge hose is still off after the winter, now is the time to put is back on and extend it away from your house. Window wells are great places for old newspapers and other winter “treasure” to collect. Time to clear them out. While you are in your yard, take a walk around the full perimeter of your house and look at the grade next to your foundation. Are there any low spots where water is collecting?

Back inside your house, it is time for your spring sump pump check. If the basin is collecting water and your sump pump is “kicking on” great news – just ensure the discharge path is clear. If the basin is dry, fill it with water to ensure the pump turns on when the level of water reaches the trigger point (should be just above the level of the pump). If the basin is full of water and the pump does not turn on, check the float switch to ensure it is not stuck in the down position.  If the float switch is clear and it still will not kick on, check the power source. If the float switch is clear, there is power to the pump and it still will not turn on, you may need to look at replacing the pump.

If you do find water coming into your basement, please give us a call – we would be happy to come out and have a look!

Apr 23, 2014

Spring rain is here – a little home maintenance can go a long way in keeping your basement dry.