Slab Jacking

Fundamental to healthy concrete is a solid substrate. Well-compacted soils provide a foundation from which concrete structures perform best, however over time forces of nature can take their toll on the substrate. Decomposing soils, erosion and ground water migration can break down the foundation and cause the concrete slabs to sink or settle.

Sunken driveways or sidewalks not only pose a tripping risk, they can also cause water to pool or interfere with proper drainage around your foundation. At LETY Construction we use the Precision Lift System by Prime Resins to inject a high-strength polyurethane resin to stabilize soil conditions and hydraulically lift all types of concrete slabs.

The Precision Lift System targets the causes of the settlement. The initial injection fills the void, stabilizes the soil and resolves erosion by blocking the waters pathway. Then short, controlled and even injections are executed to achieve the desired lift. The slab is lifted and fully supported – a long-term solution.

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