The summer I spent with LETY Construction

IMG_8737-optThe Summer I Spent With LETY Construction

“Can they do that? Can they assign work even though I haven’t been hired?”

This was my initial thought upon receiving an email from LETY Construction Owner Rachelle, asking me to complete a skill test as a follow up to my interview for the position of Social Media Coordinator. I completed the assessment, and despite my initial grumblings I was impressed that the owners were so invested in finding a good fit for a mere two month position; this was my first indication that I had stumbled across a company that takes pride in every aspect of its business, from the quality of its repairs to it’s Facebook page. I was hired at the end of June to improve LETY’s online presence, and as I took up my role and the summer progressed, I continued to be impressed with LETY Construction.

One of the most interesting parts of the summer was being stationed in an office with Rachelle, and when he wasn’t on the job site, Wes. To begin with it was intimidating sitting an arms length away from my employers, who happen to be married. In that small office you hear every conversation, debate, and joke made- if you want to get to know your colleagues better, share a tight work area with them!

On the flip side, being in close quarters provided me with unique insight into how LETY Construction is managed- and what I found is that it’s done with integrity. I heard many conversations where Wes and Rachelle discussed the materials, price, and method of repair for a project with emphasis on what would serve their client best rather than their business, something that all not all companies can claim.

Another aspect of my time with LETY that stood out was the staff’s willingness to commit to our online campaign. I’ve spent several years working in the field of social media development and I’ve learned that often times a good post requires cooperation and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Getting this content isn’t always easy- in fact it can be like pulling teeth, especially with a group of people you don’t know well.

When our staff got together to take a photo for the thirteenth anniversary of the company, I nervously handed out props, ready to have to argue for their worth. Instead, while they drew the line at taking a synchronized jumping video, this group donned oversized sunglasses, party hats, and noisemakers in the name of Facebook. It’s not something in their job descriptions but they did it without complaint, and were quick to help out with other tasks like writing biographies and sending me photos and ideas for our page- making my job a lot easier than expected.

All in all, I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to be involved with LETY Construction. I’ve learned a lot about foundation repair and waterproofing (I now know who to call if I’m ever concerned about water intrusion!), had the chance to meet some wonderful people, and I’m confident that we’ve set LETY on the right path with regards to online presence. The updated website will shortly be live, our Facebook page and Google posts will continue to be updated, and while LETY Construction is ending the summer with a technological facelift, I’m leaving with an experience I won’t soon forget. Thank you to the entire LETY team- until next time!